A study by Atlassian found that the average employee is interrupted from their work 56 times a day. When an employee loses his focus, it takes a longer time to bring him back to work mode.

The average employee spends two hours a day recovering from interruptions.

What is Productivity? Productivity is about producing as much of something as possible while creating something of value and quality.

Time management is something that we have been taught from a very young age. As the famous politician Benjamin Franklin, once said, “Time is money.” Every second spent has its cost which leads to decreased output.

As our world is changing, we are entangled in a web of technological findings that most times, we get overwhelmed. To keep up with today’s business climate, we have to adapt to the changing need to ensure our company’s operations run smoothly. Relying on several productivity tools for your business is one such issue. Instead of a successful output, it is just a waste of time.

Here is a list of tools most of the businesses use these days and the issues that come with it.


Literally, everyone is on WhatsApp. We get it. But how can a business benefit by relying on a chat tool like WhatsApp?

  • No structure in communication.
  • No privacy for user information.
  • Too much clutter and noise.
  • No additional feature other than chat.
  • Informal chat takes time in scrolling and wasted productivity.
  • Limitation in group size.


This is a better alternative to WhatsApp when it comes to managing your business. But Slack also has a set of issues that don’t help businesses to stay productive.

  • Offers a platform for communication purposes alone.
  • Conversations are deleted in the free version after some days.
  • No conversation backup unless you pay.
  • Hard to keep track of multiple conversations happening within the company.
  • It is clumsy for large projects.
  • The video collaboration tools aren't very intuitive.


Asana is a good task management app. But does it have everything a small and medium business wants? Let us look at the cons of using Asana for your business productivity.

  • It is not intuitive and can be overwhelming for new users to understand Asana.
  • Too many features makes it difficult to understand and use the platform.
  • It is not suitable for small teams or single projects.
  • You can’t communicate within Asana to get a status update.
  • Limited exporting functionality.

Fresh Books

Accounting is a part of every business and investing in good accounting software is important for small businesses. Let us look at the cons of using Fresh books.

  • Their basic lite version starts at $15 a month.
  • Their mobile app has limited functions and doesn't allow you to access reports on the go.
  • Does not have business-specific features.
  • It requires time and patience to learn, it is not a beginner's user interface.
  • Need high-speed internet making it difficult to work in rural areas.

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 LastPass is a Password Manager & Vault App that helps you secure all your passwords in one place. Let us look at the cons of using this app.

  • Cannot import data easily.
  • Cannot log in to LastPass to access passwords.
  • Difficult to access offline.
  • No customer support is available.

If you decide to use multiple platforms for managing your business, LastPass app can be very useful. It will help you remember your numerous passwords.

But why should we juggle between so many apps? What if you can manage multiple things using a single platform? 

Onne Business App offers all the features and functions that a small or medium business needs.

Imagine being able to manage routine tasks within a single app? The amount of work and time your business can save? Here is the list of features and functions Onne for Business offers.

1) Manage Groups 

  • Unlimited groups with unlimited members Create groups for clients, employees, customers, members, etc.
  • Your users will not be able to see the contact numbers of other users connected to your app.
  • Engage with your users in the group or individually.
  • Threaded and structured communication within the group to save time in retrieving information.
  • Anything that you create in the app can be sent to a specific group or broadcasted to all.

That is why groups can be very useful when sending bulk messages.

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2) Admin Management

  • Three levels of admin access help you create a hierarchy.
  • Display only features you want and keep sections like accounts private.
  • Oversee what other admins share in the app and have better control.

3) Live Chat

  • Engage with your users, customers or members one-on-one or in the group.
  • Chat with other admins in your business.

4) Share Posts & Alerts

  • Send images, videos, or pdf documents to your customers or members.
  • Enable comment to on or off, anyone connected to your app can comment and engage with you.
  • Know who has seen your message and those who are yet to read it.
  • Share posts outside of Onne app, such as WhatsApp or social media. Each post goes with your branding.

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5) Create Events

  • Easily create events and share them with your members within the app.
  • Get members RSVP to know how many are interested in your event.
  • Send reminders to your event as instant alerts.
  • Events sit in your member or customer's calendar, for ease of access.
  • Share events you created on social media to create awareness and engagement.

6) Create Invoices & Collect Payments

  • Create branded invoices within the app and share them anywhere.
  • Users or customers connected to your app can pay through the payment gateway integrated within Onne.
  • Automated reminders save a lot of your time in payment follow-ups.
  • Keep track of all the payments received and also on the outstanding amount with the payment dashboard facility.
  • Invoices can be exported in any format.
  • An automatic payment receipt is generated with your branding and sent to customers.

7) Mark Staff Attendance

  • Keep track of your employees, students, teachers, and members' attendance on any given day.
  • Can be used to give attendance during an online class.
  • Immediate notification is sent to the user.
  • Generate attendance reports for any day or any group.

8) Create All Kinds of Forms

  • Create registration forms, requirement forms, survey forms, admission forms, polls, questionnaires, etc.
  • View tabulated responses from the users who fill the form.
  • Inside each form created, view individual user or member responses.
  • Forms can be exported in any format and saved for later use.

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9) Live Video Conference with Integrated Zoom

  • Zoom integrated within Onne app can be used for meetings, discussions, or even classes.
  • Start a meeting with any group you have created within Onne App with a single click.
  • Users can click on the invite link and join with the app itself.
  • Users need not install zoom in their device. Everything happens within their Onne App.

10) Timetable Management

  • Create a branded timetable for any of your classes or session.
  • Members or users can view the timetable in their app.
  • Avoid unnecessary scrolling to find the timetable. A dedicated section for easy retrieval.

11) Resources Section for Important documents

  • A dedicated section in the app to store all important information.
  • Members or users can access resources at any given point in time.

12) Add any function you want

  • Pick and choose any additional feature your business needs from the Applets section.
  • Unlike other apps, with Onne you only pay for the features you need.
  • Add or remove features at any time, based on your requirement.

All of these features and many more are available in the Onne business app.

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Onne App can be used by any business that is currently relying on chat apps like WhatsApp, email, and multiple tools to manage, engage and do business.

Get an app for any of the following businesses on Onne.

⭐Small Business App

⭐Residents Association App

⭐Church App

⭐Coaching App

⭐Tuition App

⭐College App

⭐Faith Group App

⭐School App

⭐Activity Centre App

⭐Music School App

⭐Yoga Centre App

⭐Club or Association App

⭐Small Business App

And more..

Using a single platform to manage your business can save you plenty of time and resources. All you need to do is,

Select the type of your business

Fill in profile information by attaching a logo and details.

The app is ready in just 3 minutes, enjoy!

Looking for an affordable app to take your business online?

Try Onne app, a platform that provides ready apps for any small and medium business who currently rely on multiple tools to do business. Increase your business efficiency by 30% with Onne.

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