In the ever changing world of technology, right when you think that things can’t get any easier, someone builds something that does precisely that. The new age chat platforms are a prime example. Some of them have taken the world by storm, and gained widespread popularity. 

Now, here is the interesting thing. Although these chat platforms were not originally designed as business applications, many businesses still use them for communicating with their customers. It would seem that the ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness and, ready availability of these apps make them the ideal (although not so ideal) application for many businesses. Those who aren’t quite ready to integrate to an expensive and sometimes overwhelming ERP solution.

But now, it’s time for a change.

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Introducing ONNE

A PaaS product built with the specific aim of filling this gap in the market. ONNE is a school management software that provides the flexibility, features, robustness and personalisation that each business needs, all the while keeping a watchful distance from becoming a standard ERP. 

You may ask how?

SaaS products and standard ERPs that are custom built for large companies are often very expensive. They are also highly vertical specific and over-exhaustive in their feature list. Therefore, a lot of smaller companies who don’t need half of these features, still end up paying top dollars for so much more than what they will actually use. Since this doesn't make business sense, many of them resort to using other not-so-ideal applications to manage their customers. This makes ONNE, the mobile app for school or school management software they’ve been waiting for. An app that provides exactly what they need, no frills attached. 

How does ONNE achieve this?

The architecture of ONNE is built for horizontal scaling. With custom features for each business vertical, the level of interaction  between businesses and their customers is beyond anything offered by an application such as this.

As new business verticals are integrated, businesses belonging to any one of these verticals can simply sign up and publish their app on the ONNE platform and begin connecting with their customers. 

All of this in 3 minutes…..

Yes. You heard it right.


The story of ONNE is product centric. The platform it introduces focuses on providing the essential features across each business vertical it integrates. All of this without the distraction of the excess. With a clear vision of being a product that adds value to its clients and their customers, this application will change the world for many people. 

ONNE enables businesses around the world achieve exactly what they want - to connect in the best possible way with their customers.

Written by Michael Teddy, 
Software Engineer @ ONNE.


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