Communication is an integral part of a company, organisation or a group’s success. It plays a crucial role in creating lasting relationships. Even more so now, as businesses, activity groups, religious organisations, education centres, faith groups are all going remote,  be it for work or for activities.

''Gartner’s CFO survey reveals that

74% intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently and it is estimated that by the end of 2035, the number of people working remotely would reach 1 billion.''

One of the major challenges of communicating in remote setups is the distraction and turn around time.

Emails are lengthy and do not provide quick turnaround time. Sending mails back and forth is time confusing.

Chat apps do not provide clear thread or clarity.

Admins of chat apps end up spending a lot of time retrieving information.

Why should you forget WhatsApp and other chat apps?

Stand alone chat apps like Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal are excellent personal communication tools but fall short in terms of business or group communication.

  1. Noisy, distracting and usually cluttered
  2. Lacks hierarchy in communication
  3. Linear chat with no clear threads
  4. Can be spammy
  5. Does not offer productivity features

Alternative of Whatsapp or Telegram for Businesses and Groups that need organised communication?

Onnetalk is a chat feature that is available within your productivity app, Onne.

A productivity and communication tool, Onnetalk that offers clear structure in communication with threaded messages. A tool that offers a host of productivity features will help groups, organisations and businesses to save time, increase productivity and engage meaningfully with their team or users.

Why use Onnetalk for your business or group?

With Onnetalk, you can 

  • Have one-on-one or group conversations
  • Have user contact information visible only to your business
  • Engage with unlimited number of users or groups
  • Have threaded and structured communication
  • Avoid advertising and spam messages
  • Cut the noise 
  • Have a strictly professional platform
  • Increase team engagement
  • Share regular feedback 
  • Easily track progress
  • Manage remote teams efficiently

How can you start using Onne talk?

Install Onne business app on your smartphone.

1) Click on the OnneTalk widget and select the user or group you want to start the conversation with.

(PS: Invite users to your app first. Once they connect with you, they will be visible under Onnetalk)

2) Select the user and click on the Type here box below.

3) Your user can access the message in two ways.

  • By clicking on the push notification

  • By directly opening their app and clicking on the onnetalk widget

4) Your users can start a conversation with the Admin, Super Admin, Owner of the business or group anytime.

UI specifications of  OnneTalk

  • Partner or end-user will know if anyone is typing the message.
  • Online status is shown by a small circle on top of the user’s profile photo.
  • One  tick means sent, Two tick means delivered but not read.
  • Two purple tick means read.

OnneTalk is easy and simple to use.

Onne is an easy tool for messaging, organising, storing, sharing, billing, chatting and generally increasing your productivity. With Onnetalk, combine productivity features with a private chat within your business, group or organisation app and have structured way communication with your members.

Improve your productivity and get your App on Onne today.

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